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    It aims at deep cultivation of industry and takes technological innovation as the driving forceVS

    Use wisdom to lead technology, use technology to change life

    Yuchen Machinery——People-oriented, exquisite construction, persistence, far-reaching and Xintengda

    Liyang Yuchen Machinery Co., Ltd. is situated in Kunlun economic development zone of Liyang city, in the scenic Yangtze River Delta., where enjoys convenient transpottation. The company owns strict quality assurance system, advanced processing equipment, and highly-qualified production and management personnel. Adhering to the tenet of "win customers by quality and credit, develop by solidarity and struggle", based on reliable product quality, reasonable product quality and exquisite technology, the company will serve you wholeheartedly. 

    Customized pressure vessel, environmental protection equipment use 7 major difficulties Do you also worry about the following questions?

    Are you still worried that there is no solution to the above problems?

    Yuchen Machinery has many years of professional experience in the production, sales and installation of pressure vessels, environmental protection equipment and non-standard parts.


    Yuchen Machinery

    Practice known Exploring the unknown


    One-stop service

    Provide one-stop service for production, sales and installation

    Factory direct sales

    Modern factory, production and sales of one-stop service to ensure the greatest interests of customers

    Coalition of college and enterprise can guarantee advanced technology

    Yuchen machinery, with its safe and reliable product quality, reasonable structure, superb technology, a wide range of services to large enterprises

    First class quality in the industry

    Years of industry reputation accumulation, customers trust the brand

    Yuchen Machinery certificate of honors

     Liyang Yuchen Machinery Co., Ltd.
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