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    How to Choose Safety Valve of Compressed Air Storage Tank and How to Adjust Safety Valve of Gas Storage Tank

    How to choose the safety valve of compressed air storage tank?
    This should be a safety valve to protect the tank from overpressure.
    General design institutes will consider different failure and overpressure conditions: such as fire, pipeline valve closure and so on.
    According to the overpressure situation, the corresponding medium displacement requirements can be determined, and the required safety valve specifications can be inversely calculated according to this value.
    As for pipelines, setting pressure and other factors are not a problem. The pressure of 0.6 MPa is very easy, and the form of import and export can be flexibly changed according to the actual situation.
    How to adjust the safety valve of gas storage tank?
    Adjustment of safety valve: 1. Adjustment of setting pressure: Within the prescribed working pressure range, the setting pressure can be adjusted by rotating the adjusting screw and changing the pre-tightening compression of spring. Remove the safety valve cap and loosen the locking nut. First, increase the inlet pressure to make the disc take off once. If the setting pressure is low, rotate the adjusting screw clockwise. If the setting pressure is high, rotate the adjusting screw counterclockwise. 2. Adjust the discharge pressure and return pressure: adjust by adjusting the adjustment ring. When the adjusting ring moves to the right, the position of the adjusting ring rises, the discharge pressure and the return pressure will decrease, and vice versa. Each adjustment should not be too large, usually within five teeth. In order to prevent accidents, the inlet pressure should be reduced properly and the gas source should be cut off before the adjustment ring is moved.
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