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    Corrosion and Anticorrosion of Wet Gas Storage Tank

    Corrosion and anticorrosion of wet gas storage tank, Wang Meilan Zhangjiakou City Gas Corporation, Hebei Zhangjiakou, 75 different anticorrosion measures to extend the service life of gas storage tank, gas storage tank as the main equipment of city gas transmission and distribution, its operation is normal or not, directly related to the production of urban residents'life industrial users. Therefore, the anti-corrosion of the wet gas storage tank is very important. The 54 is 13 wet spiral gas storage tank in Changjia 1 was built and put into operation in 1990. In February 1999, the connection between the bottom plate and the intake pipe was torn, resulting in leakage of water and air, and was forced to shut down for overhaul.
    Open the gas tank and observe the anti-corrosion inside the gas tank. It is found that the anti-corrosion paint has not existed before. The thickness of the steel plate is 2.32.8 by using the steel plate thickness gauge. Especially, there are small bubbles in the overlap part of the hanging ring steel plate under the tower, and there are pits by finger, which are formed on both sides of the corroded guide plate in the southeast direction of the gas holder larger than in the Northwest direction, and the corrosion is serious. The corrosion and anticorrosion of gas storage tanks are discussed.
    2. Corrosion process analysis gas storage tank tower section, ring and wall overlap part of serious corrosion, many points have been corroded into pot bottom-like deep pits and round holes. Because the weld seam is the concentration area of residual stress, the anticorrosive layer can not reach the normal place, the water line of the steam-water junction is changed to one area, the amount of acid gas such as 3223 in the water film on the water line is high, and the scene of gas dissolution in the water below the water line is relatively low, so the water line. 1 value. Corrosion near the water line. The corrosion process is analyzed as follows.
    1. In the medium containing water, the anode reacts when acidic iron with gradual ionization is corroded in the medium containing water. Fr21+; the product of the anodic reaction is 2++ 32 FrS, and the total reaction of 22H in 3 factories is chemical ratio. FS2H is first adsorbed to metal because of the hydrogen generated in the corrosion reaction. The hydrogen atoms that diffuse into metal defects accumulate there and form hydrogen molecules. At room temperature, 2 can not escape from steel, so it accumulates continuously at metal defects, resulting in increasing pressure. The huge pressure caused the steel to crack by stratified bubbling.
    In 2002, free or combined corrosion can cause corrosion, especially in the presence of water. The reactions are as follows: in the corrosion products, the presence of 0,3 indicates that the above reactions did occur.
    In addition, the original production of Xiqi Qi, the column shielding guide rail hot plate was welded, forming a pocket in which water and gas tar mixed with residue and dirt migrated, gathering to form corrosion points. Therefore, the degree of corrosion in these places is more serious than 1.
    1 thorn loses; 9 thieves with 6, Linyu 5 advisory, medullary intake 4 addictions, charm and Tibetan skills like continental 1.
    3. In the overhaul of the treatment method, a reasonable replacement plan is formulated, and semi-manual method is adopted for the overlap of the diamond plate of the seriously corroded guide plate. The strip diamond plate and the cushion plate to be replaced are shaved off, which will not damage the guide rail of the cardboard and affect the rise and fall of the gas holder. The steel plate with large dimension deviation and large transition angle but not angular welding deformation is reworked according to the requirements.
    Strict control requirements and detection methods are adopted, such as magnetic wall spark detection of paint color change.
    The shelter position of the column and the concealed location with a very small gap between the top beam and the pillar. Wood wedges are used to top off, and the original residual weld bead, welding submerged spatter, etc. are reversed and polished to meet the requirements to the greatest extent.
    After sandblasting and rust removal, the emphasis is put on strengthening the anti-corrosion. Paint with good corrosion resistance and strong affinity with steel plate is selected, which adopts paint channel, intermediate paint channel and top paint channel. Brush each paint, must use the paint film thickness gauge detection. The qualified rate of rework staining for the plate with OVER-TOLERANCE and Over-dryness of 2 points is to strengthen the anti-corrosion. The corrosion of the diamond plate and the cushion plate on the water-air interface under the gas holder is serious, especially the point surface corrosion of the inner wall of the tower reaches more than 50. As anticorrosive, point-brush anticorrosive paint duct is added. Brush two primers on the weld seam between the weld panels on both sides of all guideways.
    Paint is injected into the weld site several times. End; Seal the pocket to prevent 7 feet of air from moving.
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